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The Hope Blanket For Lebanon

The Hope Blanket for Lebanon

Quilting, never quitting!

Lebanon needs you today more than ever before!

The country is going through extreme hardship due to the 4th August cataclysmic explosion as well as its unprecedented economic collapse aggravated by the pandemic.

How can you help?

Join us in creating something unique for Lebanon: The Hope Blanket, a patchwork quilt made of fabric squares, carrying uplifting designs and messages of hope for the people of Lebanon. Each contributor will have the opportunity to design their own fabric square as a means of self-expression and a show of solidarity. Images of the individual squares will be shared on social media, and the finished quilt will go on public display.

This creative project is also a unique fundraising initiative. We have teamed up with the Lebanese Food Bank, an NGO that brings essential relief to Lebanese families in need. For every $22 donated to LFB, contributors get to design one fabric square and the Lebanese Food Bank will provide two warm locally-manufactured blankets to a family in need.

Join hands with us to create The Hope Blanket and metaphorically wrap its warmth around the deserving people of Lebanon!

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