To alleviate hunger and help the environment throughout Lebanon by collecting wasted food of good quality and impartially distributing it to charities and people in need as a means to social progress.


A Hunger Free Lebanon by 2030 where no one will sleep hungry, without discrimination on the basis of religion, political affiliation, geographic location, sexual orientation, race, or nationality.

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Together Against Hunger

In 2011, a group of Lebanese entrepreneurs recognized the need to fight hunger and limit food waste in Lebanon, they came together to create a non-governmental organization: The Lebanese Food Bank (LFB).

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Where We Operate

The Lebanese Food Bank operates in governorates and districts nationwide. We support registered NGOs based on the beneficiaries listed under their programs. Our role is to alleviate the gap between the immense demand and the modest supply offered. To receive support from Lebanese Food Bank, kindly reach out to one of our NGO partners found in the link below.


Be a part of making people of Lebanon happy again, even the smallest contribution makes a difference, put on a smile on someone face today, donate to spread the good willing and happiness.

Success Stories

  • With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, LFB, in cooperation with Beit El Baraka and SEAL USA distributed more than 42,874 food boxes in 25 districts. This was done with the collaboration of 110 NGOs and support of the Lebanese Armed Forces to help needy Lebanese families in their darkest times in Lebanon. In addition to this the LFB promoted sustainable living through providing vegetable seeds & plants in the hope to empower families to rely on themselves.

    Seal Project- Covid-19 Challenges
    Seal Project- Covid-19 Challenges
  • On August 4, 2020 a catastrophic explosion happened at the port of Beirut killing more than 220 people.
    The LFB team and a group of volunteers mobilized immediately and provided food to people in need on the premises through 4 different booths in the Jemmayzeh, Jeitawi, Mar Mkhayel and Saint Georges Hospital areas. The team was there for two weeks and distributed more than 32,000 hot meals.

    Beirut Explosion
    Beirut Explosion

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