Why We Exist

Why We Exist 

More than 2 million Lebanese citizens live under the poverty line, and those numbers are sure to rise exponentially due to the ramifications of the global Covid19 pandemic and its effects on the Lebanese economy.  The poorest population in Lebanon live on the equivalent of $3 a day or $90 a month, while around 400,000 Lebanese live on only $1 a day.  Those were the figures from before the onset of the current economic situation. In face of such a bleak reality, action needs to be taken to level the field and to help the most vulnerable strata of the Lebanese population not to go hungry.

Source: World Bank Numbers for 2018 & XinhuaNet news 2020. 


A Hunger Free Lebanon by 2030 where no one will sleep hungry, without discrimination on the basis of religion, political affiliation, geographic location, sexual orientation, race, or nationality.


To alleviate hunger and help the environment throughout Lebanon by collecting wasted food of good quality and impartially distribute it to charities and people in need as a means to social progress especially that Poverty has increased by around 51% between 2011 and 2018. 

Value and Guiding Principles

Accountability, Collaboration, Transparency, Sustainability.

Rizkallah and Boutros Centre 5th Floor Sin el Fil, Lebanon

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